Protecting nature, encouraging engagement

We promote science and research

The Zwillenberg-Tietz Foundation supports studies on scientific research in the disciplines of agricultural sciences, biology (with a special focus on botany, ecology and zoology), forestry, geology, meteorology and related scientific fields. In this way, we want to help preserve local habitats with their diverse flora and fauna. Another focus of the funded projects is the investigation of changes in local soil, water, climate and air conditions in order not only to preserve the existing ecosystems, but possibly even to improve their quality.

For that purpose, we operate the Linde Research Station, which is already the starting point for numerous research projects and activities. Over time, it should develop into a meeting place for a wide range of disciplines, which share their relation to field research and, from their respective perspectives, contribute to achieving the mentioned goals, by establishing long-term projects on the foundation’s own grounds and in the surrounding area.

We promote social engagement

In addition to promoting science, our second focus is on strengthening social commitment. In particular, we financially support a calendar that is annually published by the state of Berlin for Holocaust survivors and their descendants. In times of tight public budgets, this project threatened to be discontinued.

In order to keep it alive, our founder spontaneously decided to take on the continuation of the project. The Zwillenberg-Tietz Foundation continues this work and thus contributes to permanently securing the future of this calendar, which keeps the memory of the old home alive.

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