In the heart of nature

The Linde Research Station – in the middle of the western Havelland region between the cities of Brandenburg, Nauen and Rathenow with arable land and especially with forest areas – forms the natural centre of the scientific research projects we support. Here, we offer optimal conditions for the investigations of our students and doctoral candidates. At the same time, if required, we are happy to make the foundation’s own areas available for comparative purposes of scientific field projects carried out elsewhere.

The location of the Linde Research Station is on the edge of a nature reserve, with four furnished studios and a small laboratory, enables young scientists to fully concentrate on their field work and studies.

Linde in the course of time


The eventful past of the former Linde estate is a reflection of recent German history. Already recorded on maps of the Havelland region in the 19th century, the country palace and former manor “Dominium Linde” came into the possession of our founder’s family in 1919. She had to leave Germany in 1939 and survived the Second World War abroad.

War and destruction


The Second World War, the subsequent occupation and the GDR period had left their mark on Linde. The old manor house was destroyed, except for one extension, while the other former manor buildings had changed a lot over the decades and new so-called dacha plots had been added.

A new beginning as a research station


After the property had been transferred back, the question arose of how it should be used in the future. The resumption of an independent farm was no longer an option. The nature, however, with its delightful landscape was largely intact and the forests in good condition. Since our donor was a biologist herself, the idea came up to make the former estate Linde available to research and teaching.

A small research station with accommodation and a laboratory for students, doctoral candidates and lecturers was created in the old manor core. The seminar room is ideal for scientific lectures, workshops and discussions.